Friday, January 17, 2014

January Thaw...not so much this year

It continues to snow in the Mighty Midwest!  Feels like the "old days".  Not like the covered wagon old days, but old days when I was a kid.  My memory tells me it snowed more back then.  But that might be because I walked to and from school in it and we all wore wool coats and hats and knit mittens and gloves and when the wool got wet it got heavy and cold against our skin.  And, we wore uniform skirts to school and so our knees were purple by the time we got there.  I remember hearing and believing that Eskimos were heavier people because they lived in a cold climate and they needed the extra padding of fat to keep themselves warm.  And, I remember being concerned that my knees just may be gaining a few extra L B's during the winter months to protect my kneecaps from freezing.  I didn't like that thought, and sometime I'd wrap my scarf around them - not just to keep them from frostbite, but to insure that I didn't wake up one morning to overweight kneecaps.

I hope that you are all warm - wherever you are.  If you're in the Midwest or anywhere it's cold outside - slow down.  It's time to hibernate. It's time for renewal and rest.  Try not to be anxious if you want to spend more time in bed or on the couch than you feel is normal.  I think it's a healthy and holy time of the year.  A time of reflection and snuggling.  If you live alone, get a wonderful blankie - a soft one -  wrap yourself in it and nurture your spirit. 

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