Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who Wants to Win a St. Anthony Statue for Valentine's Day?

Good Day all!
Natalie here...
I hope everyone is finding themselves grateful, healthy and happy!

"Some of the most famous rituals involve praying a prayer to St. Anthony every Tuesday while burning orange candles in front of his statue. Another legend promotes that the most effective way to find a life partner is by placing thirteen identical coins around the base of the statue of St. Anthony, and while praying, walking around the statue thirteen times (His Feast Day is June 13)."

Today, Tuesday Feb. 4th begins our week long contest to win a St. Anthony Statue with prayer cards, one coin and an orange candle,

just in time for Valentines day! 
So, what are the contest guidelines? 
They are all about shouting out links to St. Anthony's social media sites and website at much as possible.
We are trying our hardest to get the word out there and Share St. Anthony's love with the world :) 
It's a challenging task but our mission to spread love is very dear to our hearts. 
Please will you help us?

This is what I would like to see the winning participant do:

1. If you have a Facebook we would like for you to post a link to our website, maybe even recommending a St. Anthony statue as an excellent gift to give someone for Valentine's Day or just because.

Here is link to our site :)

2. Share our Facebook page with your friends on Facebook encouraging them to like it :) Please include these hash tags #StAnthonyLove #love #ValentinesDay #stanthonyfinderoflove

3. Share and follow our twitter page on your Twitter account if you have one..The more followers we have to more reach :)
Include @StAnthonyLove in some of your tweets..
Tweet about love and Valentine's Day

4.  Follow us on Pinterest :)

5. Interact with us :) We like hearing what you have to say...Share with us your stories of love

6. Leave a comment below so we know you are participating :)
and leave a comment on our Facebook post regarding this contest.

7.I hope YOU are the winner!

Ready, Set, go!